SSI Active Shooter Training 2011

Report Suspicious Activity


Recent acts of terror in our public schools, courthouses, work places, military installations and abroad require everyone to be vigilant and prepared to act appropriately in response to acts of terror.  One of our biggest threats at the SSI is the “Active Shooter”.  This threat can be a disgruntled employee,  an anti-military activist, an unstable, depressed or psychotic individual, a convicted or discharged soldier.  It could also be a person or friend that always seemed normal.


Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection is everyones responsibility.   We are all responsible for following security measures as well as enforcing them.  Take all threats seriously and report them to your Chain of Command or CID.  Be vigilant and observant at all times.  If it does not seem right, report it immediately.  Get descriptions, numbers, types of clothing, vehicles, etc.  Take a picture without attracting attention or placing your self in danger.


Together we can protect our institution, our soldiers, our civilian work force and families.  Your actions during a crisis can save lives and neutralize any threat in the workplace.


The following 15 minute video is designed to begin to educate the work force on awareness and action.   Each unit, organization, directorate, division and section must discuss, develop, drill, exercise and improve a sound course of action in the event of an active shooter in your work environment.


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